Vineyard & wine

"Rooted firm growing free!"

... this is the motto and spirit of the young winegrower at the lake of Caldaro. In the following paragraph Armin explains what wine and butterflies have in common.


Evolution and metamorphosis are nature`s tools that fashion and create life forms in their never- ending variety. The metamorphosis from egg – caterpillar – to pupa produces the wondrous butterfly. In wine making this cycle of change from vine flower – grape –barrel produces equally amazing results. The wine barrel / vat like the pupa case of the butterfly, hides, protects and nurtures the magic that is to come. What emerges eventually! Amazing beautiful butterflies of myriad species that fly around their new world enjoying the thrill and excitement of their new freedom. And so too, from the wine barrel comes an infinite variety of wines that flow freely and flutter around the “Wine world”; there for us to appreciate and enjoy. Perhaps to enthuse us with the wonderful sense of freedom that the butterfly feels when it first spreads its wings to fly.


In celebration of nature`s gifts Wiengut Morandell has chosen therefore to give our vines the names of butterflies, some of which often feed and thrive on the indigenous plants of this area. The colours and designs on our wine labels mirror the intricate patterns on their wings.


Like these butterflies we wish to send you flying freely on a rich, emotional and rewarding journey of “Wine” discovery.

Delia (Kalterersee)

Delia is a light red wine very typical of the Kalterersee wine in this area. The name comes from the Greek, (Delephila elpenor) This butterfly feeds on the leaves of the Schiava (Vernatsch) vine that is grown mainly around the Kaltern lake. Delia is a soft elegant and refined wine, it has rather feminine virtues that make it noticeable amongst the world of the more masculine, robust red wines of Kaltern.

Antiope (Merlot)

Antiope is an amazon in Greek mythology. The name of our Merlot derives from a butterfly that belongs to the royal winged family (Nymphalis Antiopa). It shares the same noble and royal qualities. Divinity lies between its wings.

Alia (Pinot Grigio)

The scientific name is (Aglia Tau). Alia has a very pleasing floral bouquet. When this butterfly sips the nectar from the flower its heart beats stronger. As we drink this wine our heart beat quickens too. This male butterfly of the species is the nocturnal alpha male of his world; the Don Juan, flying free to find his mate, his love. Like him this wine will perhaps inspire our minds to fly free in search of life.


Falstaff - Pinot Grigio Trophy 2019 - 91 points

Falstaff 2019Falstaff 2019 [39 Kb]

Podalirius (Cabernet Franc Riserva)

Podalirius, named for the rare Iphiclides Swallowtail butterfly, is the melody of wine and love. It is the heat of summer and the depths of the earth. This noble wine, with its proud and illustrious name, leads us to dream in the wake of life. Its charisma, elegance and persona fills the stage of our lives and makes us shine in our own light.

Those who choose this elegant wine can be transformed into the butterfly, sweet and gentle, full of splendor and magnificence, drawing the circle of life.